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Years of experience in web design and e-marketing combined with our ongoing research and implementation of the latest technologies enable us to provide the best web experience for your potential clients and create an effective venue to promote your products or services designed specifically for your unique target market.

A website is a marketing tool that costs you ONE TIME and continues to pay you back. It expands your customer base, enhances your advertising and marketing efforts and gives your business a mark of credibility.
A website at its basic level tells millions of Internet users:
— Who you are, how you began, successes you've had, your reputation in the community.
— What your company has to offer — products and services
— How to find your location.
— The different ways to contact you (phone, FAX, email, address)
— Special offers and upcoming promotions, new additions to products and services
— The Latest NEWS about your company
— What others are saying about you — Client / Customer testimonials.

When you consider the continual growth in numbers of Internet users and the growth of companies that are on the Internet, some of which may be your competitors, it could cost you NOT to have a web site.

Does my company really need a web site?
Only you can determine if your company needs a web site. While making the determination, you want to consider that a web site is multi-functional, and is a communication tool — not an advertisement. If your business is organized, all of your clientele is local, and you have a back-log of customers waiting to be serviced —and you can handle that service effectively — you may need a website.
If you often wish you could communicate effectively with a broader range of clients / customers, publicly post answers to frequently asked questions, attract new customers, break in to new markets and take the market share from your competitors — then a website is a MUST!

I don't even use a computer. I can't manage a web site.
To manage a web site you should have a computer, and you — or someone in your company — should be able to send and receive email.
Your web developer can help you with maintenance, changes and updates, which is generally simple and affordable.

Our customers like the personal touch and most aren't computer users.
Your current customers may not use the computer much — that is possible.
A worthy concern should be about the potential customers that do use the computer and CAN'T FIND YOU. Statistics prove that 65% of the population in rural areas uses a computer at least once per week, and 85% in metropolitan areas use a computer. It is likely that they will continue to increase. A website keeps you in sync with this trend.
Another interesting statistic:
The fastest growing sector getting computer literate is between the ages of 17 and 60. This sector also includes those with the highest percentage of disposable income. A website helps you target that using population.
Another thing to think about - 50 years ago, the population felt that the telephone was an expensive luxury and not crucial to business growth. That sentiment continued for 30 years. As social communication trends changed, and expenses decreased — businesses changed to insure profitability. Use of the Internet will only increase in the next ten years.

Our upcoming advertising commitments will use all our marketing money.
It is important to recognize that a website is NOT an advertising investment. It compliments and empowers your advertising efforts. Ads are the property of the advertising vendor, and are a revolving cost to a company. You buy an ad for a specific amount of time — and then the ad is gone.
A website is a marketing and communication tool that belongs to you. You control it and you can use it continually. It is a company asset similar to a telephone or fax machine. You buy it one time and only pay for the service to use it. Websites reach a growing customer base that up until now has remained hidden to you. It also services your current customer base, giving them more options to communicate with you.
Once you have a website, you can include your web address on all of your advertising, offering potential customers and clients an opportunity to find out more. A website in today's world is also a stamp of credibility to the public that hasn't yet met you.
The following quote is an excerpt from Small Business Magazine.
"Customers and other people who come in contact with your business expect to find a reputable businesses on the Web, so don't risk your credibility by not being present."

I wouldn't know what to do with a web site if I had one.
In addition to the information above, understand that Internet users find you — you don't find them. They will either search for you because they've heard your name, or search for a product you're selling. If your business is not listed, it doesn't exist to Internet user.
Your web developer is a trained professional that will assist with maintaining and handling the website.

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