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Dr. Hani Al Messiry Campaign

We had the pride of cooperating with the former governor of Alexandria; Dr. Hani El Messiry. We worked closely with Dr. Hani to promote his work among the people of Alexandria, we built an online marketing campaign to reflect the hard work of the governor and his office, and we facilitated the communication between him and Alexandrians. Throughout our work, the buzz went viral and the Facebook users especially women, were massively following Dr. Hani El Messiry We also had a very exciting experience as the social media campaigner for the governor of Alexandria Dr. Hani Al Messiry.

Dr. Hanny's speech to BENEFIT

"Dear BENEFIT Team Thank you for your hard work & perseverance, you have definitely built a few innovative communication channels between me & Alexandrians. Naglaa Akl, was my advertising and media consultant and she volunteered so much time and effort genuinely and with true dedication. We still work together on my current projects. Good Luck Always"