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Egyptian Franchise Development Association Projects

We are proud of the confidence of the Egyptian Franchise Development Association foundation and its reliance on us in many marketing and organizing activities such as E-marketing, organizing exhibitions, conferences and many events since 2015.

The Egyptian Franchise Development Association (EFDA) is a non-governmental & non-profit organization, representing & serving the franchise industry in Egypt. EFDA was formed in 2001 (registered by the no. 518/2001 law 32 for year 1964) to encourage & promote entrepreneurship through franchising & licensing. EFDA is a full member at the World Franchise Council WFC since 2005.

EFDA holds its annual exhibition (MIFE) - Middle East and North Africa International Franchise & License Exhibition - during the month May at Cairo International Fair Ground "Social Fund For Development Hall". MIFE is a great opportunity for International licensors & franchisors to introduce their properties, brands and expand their businesses by exhibiting in this prestigious international event.

  • Mission

    • EFDA was established with the aim of supporting and developing the franchise industry in Egypt.

  • Objectives

    • Increase the awareness of the "franchise form" of doing business. Develop the technical know how of franchising among local franchisors. Provide a database of the franchise industry parties. Liaison between all stakeholders in the franchise industry i.e. financial institutions, governmental institutions, franchisors, and potential investors. Match-make franchisors with potential investors from a local and international stand point.

  • Activities

    • Develop workshops and seminars tailored to meet the needs of the franchise industry stakeholder Hold the annual Franchise Conference held in parallel with MIFE, attended by renowned world speakers in the franchise fiel Hold the annual Middle East & North Africa International Franchise Exhibition (MIFE) Publish the annual "Franchise Egypt" magazine Offer consultancy services.


Egyptian Franchise Development Association Exhibition

Cairo Exhibition

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Alexandria Exhibition

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